Unmasking the Secret behind the Success at Success Academy

Success Academy believes in training students on the core subjects. Students get 80 minutes contact time every day where they are given basic instructions. One other factor is the efforts school leaders put in teaching and training the young pupils. Some minutes of the day are spent in student groups where they are given a chance to learn from each other and participate in hands-on learning.


Insistence on content at Success Academy

The Success Academy values content. An example is where the children in kindergarten work on architectural sketches using blocks under the supervision and teamwork, leading to the improvement of the projects they develop. Teachers at Success Academy say it makes learning fun and exciting; hence, easy relation to real life experiences.


Teacher motivation at Success Academy

The teachers at Success Academy have utilized technology in their teaching and learning. There are SMART boards in each classroom, with the teachers similarly using MacBooks and other improved software to prepare for the classroom lessons and learning. Therefore, communication becomes faster and effective. Lessons are recorded and shared to enhance the relation to content even after class hours.


Participation in field studies

Students also have fieldwork sessions where they are taken out to learn from other people and similarly from other colleague pupils. It helps to break the classroom monotony and make learning fun. Sometimes motivational speakers and external tutors are brought in to teach the students. In 2013, Success Academy invited Garry Kasparov to teach the pupils on chess, dancing, music, and other entertainment genres.


Involvement by parents

Parents are encouraged to ensure their children read a book or a section of a book before retiring to bed. They should also ensure that their kids complete their homework every night. Parents are also advised to celebrate the success of their children since it acts as a motivational factor. Additionally, parents have to be active members of the school so that they monitor every step the school takes since they are concerned with success too.


All the parents, teachers and community leaders participate in advancing the academic, social and spiritual well-being of the pupils. The approaches taken are essential to enable students to develop the right skills to meet the various stages of their lives. It results in independence proper self-management.