Omar Boraie: The Renowned President of Boraie Development

Omar Boraie is the Founder and President of Boraie Development that is based in New Brunswick. This development is one of his many developments that he has made across America. Omar is a man who saw the potential of New Brunswick decades ago, reveals Yahoo. Boraie Development is well described as a luxury residential area in the middle of The Aspire. Initially, Omar Boraie faced challenges when setting up this project. Boraie was at one point considered crazy for his idea of initiating the Boraie Development. Who has the last laugh now? That is the question that would help sooth Omar every day he went to take rest in his home. The fact that he achieved in making Omar Boraie’s vision for New Brunswick decades later and the fact that he was able to disapprove a whole community that thought he was insane is something that he is proud of each day.

Omar Boraie was a tourist. He toured Egypt eons ago, and during his tours, he observed first-hand in Europe that revolution is possible. According to WSJ, at this point, Omar was just but a scholar. However, Omar’s intelligence was not to doubt even in this young tender age. He had already seen the whole setup plan and was thinking of his hometown of New Brunswick. Back in 1972 when Omar wanted to initiate the Boraie Development, he claims that the streets would always be neglected as early as past 4 pm. However, where people saw no hope, Omar spotted an opportunity. It all started with the acquisition of a room, and later to a whole building.

The kind of view Omar enjoys from his Albany Street Plaza today was nowhere back in the 70’s. Albany Street Plaza was among the first elite offices to be built in the Boraie Development plan. Albany provided high-class standards and status offices commonly known as Class A offices to the elite job groups. Waseem Boraie, son to Omar Boraie also shares the same ideas as his father. He is already keen to shrug off those who thought his father was crazy by initiating the New-York high-rise condo in downtown. In 2007, one of the tallest buildings was completed in New Brunswick. This was the onset of believing in the eyes of many people in New Brunswick. However, Omar is not quick to pick up the praises for solely changing New Brunswick and making it one of the most habitable places in America. Omar believes that the likes of John Lynch, Mayor James Cahill, and much more were all a part of his huge success. Read the full recap on