Info Fantasy Baseball Players Need to Know

The fantasy baseball season is in full swing and players are looking to optimize their MLB lineup by staying abreast of the most recent MLB news. helps with this process by putting all the most important information in one location.


One player of interest is Luis Perdomo of the Padres. His overall stats have been consistent and his strikeout rate is better than expect. He also has not allowed a home run since April 7th, his first start. Perdomo may not seem as flashy as other players but offers a steady component to round out a team. His ground-ball rate is hovering at almost 70 percent which is bound to net him a win soon.


Ben Gamel of the Mariners has also turned heads since his return from Triple-A. In the last three seasons of the minor leagues he has stolen a combined 45 bases, indicating a hidden potential that has yet to shine through the current season. Over the last week Gamel has had five multi-hit games, making it easier for the Mariners to endure the loss of Mitch Haniger to injury.


The Cubs player Eddie Butler recently made his first start of the season. Although yet to show exactly where he will excel, it is speculated that after being released from the Rockies, his low strikeout rate combined with the high number of wins common to the Cubs will make him a valuable member of a well-rounded fantasy team.