Construcap: Creating Jobs, Helping Lives

Construcap has always been a company that has been driven by excellence. Since its establishment, the company has worked towards the development of not just themselves, but also the society and people around the company. Construcap was established in 1994 by Caio Luiz Pereira de Souza and Henrique Pegado and since then has expanded its operations tremendously. Currently, Construcap leads as one of the top engineering and industrial companies in Brazil and is soon on its way to becoming a global leader in the field. Construcap believes in serving their customers to the best of their abilities to give them the best possible service to reflect the mission statement that the company has and continues to stand by. Construcap has surpassed all the competitors that stood in their way by providing the best solutions to the customers who come to them for their needs. Even with being a company that is so driven by excellence and service, their primary objective remains helping the society develop in whatever way they can.

When the company was established, it paved the way for the opening of many jobs in the Brazilian market at It’s pretty unheard of where one company alone makes a large difference in the society it belongs to, but Construcap has managed to fulfill that notable feat, helping the lives of numerous people who can now support themselves as well as their families. Being one of the largest engineering and construction companies in Brazil on, Construcap has a large scope of employment opportunities for people who are looking to grow, both personally as well as professionally, who are looking out for a long term goal when it comes to their careers.

Construcap has specially aided the large number of students who pass out of Brazilian colleges every year. The company on has special employment opportunities for fresh graduates who are looking for a permanent solution for their professional careers. They help these candidates find placements within the company and also train them in the skills they require to perform better at their jobs at Construcap. By doing this, Construcap has helped the community develop and has helped numerous people sustain themselves and live a more comfortable life.

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    September 13, 2017

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