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Norman Pattiz Success Story in the Broadcasting Industry

The advertising industry has been growing over the years and has attracted people from different business sectors. Communication channels have also evolved riding on the good will of advertising. Comprehensive research has been conducted by professional bodies to understand the extent and impact of publicity. Edison Research conducted research using five major consumer brands to understand how effective advertising is on consumer uptake.

The research was carried out using PodcastOne as the case study for both pre and post-campaign strategies. The results were overwhelming and positive in nature as many people understood the brands more through advertising.

The result showed that over 60% of the listeners identified themselves with a specific grocery brand in the advertisement. Many respondents had a good opinion for automobile aftermarket going up 18% as compared to previous years. Advertising is an essential tool in awareness creation, and all through the research, people identified themselves to a particular product due to advertising.

Launching new advertising messages is an important advertising tool that has propelled PodcastOne to a wider spectrum. The studies were conducted before the actual campaign was launched and later after it had run. The results were encouraging as the audience were receptive to every advertising message they received.

According to the Founder and Executive of PodcastOne, the results are an accurate reflection of the exact way people feel about a given product or service. The research is also conducted independently to provide the actual situation in the market and provide ways of improving. The results can be accessed on

Norman Pattiz has over 40 years’ experience in the radio and broadcasting industry. The experience he has gained over the years has earned him recognition by international magazines like Forbes. Before founding PodcastOne, he founded Westwood that became one of the leading media company in the United States of America.

It also distributed and shared information to other notable media outlets like NBC News, CBS News, and CNN radio. As such, he is recognized as the founding father of a robust broadcasting industry. Norman Pattiz has also participated in program development through the establishment of recording studios and companies.

The depth of his achievements earned him positions on boards of management of businesses across the US. The most notable one is when he was appointed by the former president Bill Clinton and later George Bush to serve on the Broadcasting Board of Governors. He is also a council member of the University of California serving in different capacities.

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