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Fabletics- Fit Your Form

About Fabletics


Fabletics is a fitness wear shop owned by a renowned actress, Kate Hudson. The business caters to a niche market as it specializes in fitness apparel. In an increasingly competitive market, Fabletics adopted an innovative strategy that keeps them ahead of their competition. The company offers a membership structure, where customers subscribe to different membership categories. New customers are taken through a survey to find out their regular workouts. The company then sends them customized training outfits based on their work-out plan.


Reverse showroom


The membership approach is effective as it adds a personal feel between the brand and its customers. As an innovative company, Fabletics utilizes reverse showroom concept to promote its brand. Customers who walk in to browse at their stores have the option of purchasing an item on the online platform. Similarly, items purchased at the physical store simultaneously reflect on the online store. The brand emphasizes on building relationships with their existing and potential customers. To this end, Fabletics holds regular events and activities that are aimed at knowing the local markets.


Online Data


Like many online stores, Fabletics relies on online data to evaluate and determine consumer preference. In most cases, consumers will list, or state their favorite items on the online store. The data will help the company identify the most trending items based on consumer preference and customer reviews. Fabletics are in a position to stock their physical stores in accordance with the popular customer preference. The stores are also stocked based on social media sentiments, store heat-mapping data, and real-time sales performance. The shops are regularly updated to match the current trends and customer tastes.


Growth potential


Fabletics is competing in the increasingly expanding platform of e-commerce. The brand, has proved to be a trendsetter by forming relationships with customers through the membership programs. The brand strives to stay ahead of its competitors by employing smart distribution strategies as well as fast purchase options. Fabletics ensures that both the offline and online consumer enjoy a fabulous shopping experience.


Fabletics Brand-Consumer Review


Fabletics encourages its customers to post reviews about their experience with their products. Below is a customer’s review on Fabletics as a brand. According to their review, the customer holds a VIP membership that requires a monthly fee of $25. She recommends the VIP membership as it caters for all the workout apparel required. In her review, the customer rates Fabletics based on quality, value, style, and customer care.


Regarding style and quality, the customer notes that the items are of exceptional quality. The outfits also come in a variety of styles that are quite comfortable. In her view, Fabletics outfits are reasonably priced compared to other brands. However, the customer notes that the website has some difficulty when it comes to placing orders. She highlights slow shipment and missing orders as the major issue. According to her, the customer service department also leaves a lot to be desired. Overall, this customer recommends Fabletics as the go-to store for modern fitness wear.