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Lacey and Larkin, Shaping the World to a State of Perfection

In this world we live in, there are both good and bad aspects. However, the bad aspects outdo the good mainly because of the billions of evil people that roam our planet. However, two characters, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin fall into the category of the selfless, individuals with the heart of helping other people through sharing. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin:

Despite their weaknesses, Lacey and Larkin have always seen a lot of good in an evil world, trying to shape up systems that happened to undermine the rights and freedoms of innocent civilians all across the globe.

However, Michael and Jim’s attention entirely lies with the people of Arizona, a community that has for a very long time been subject to oppression due to it being a State that harbors many immigrants.

Since 2007, Jim and Michael have found a foul taste for people who abuse the powers given to them by their office. For instance, it is in 2007 that the two journalists did the unthinkable, by exposing the real Joe Arpaio. Through a paper section editorial, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin proved to the world just how Joe, the Maricopa County Sheriff at the time, got to undermine the rights of individuals hailing from the Hispanic community.

After an unlawful arrest, Lacey and Larkin took offense and decided to take the matter to court. Thanks to the justice system of America, Jim and Michael were able to get their reprieve in 2013, receiving $3.75 million a compensation for their past ordeal. Soon after, the duo created what is presently renowned as the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund.

For four years, the organization has been a source of hope for the many Arizona nationals that suffer in silence. By supporting a group like the Phoenix Allies for Community Health (PACH) that has for a long time helped many undocumented immigrants gain access to quality healthcare. Before PACH got established, immigrants had been suffering in silence when since health services at the time exposed them to a lot of financial exploitation.

Thanks to the aid offered by the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund, PACH is now better placed at providing immigrants with quality, yet free health care. To this end, the organization has been able to save the lives of many immigrants, giving them the courage to face life one day at a time. With the contribution of Lacey and Larkin, PACH is certainly going a long way.

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Immigrants Rights and the Frontera Fund

The Association for Women Rights in Development (AWID) is an international feminist organization committed to issues of gender equality, women rights, and sustainable development, its members include diverse fields and professions such as students, researcher, entrepreneurs, academics, development partners, donors, and policy makers. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter

AWID’s Mission

At the twilight of the United Nations Decade for Women professionals from different organizations inclusive of academic institutions, CBOs, and development agencies congregated to identify the role that women can play as agents of development and its beneficiaries.

This resulted in the creation of AWID as a platform for advancing issues related to multisectoral dialogue. Over the years, AWID’s goal expanded to encompass gender equality, human rights, and sustainable development. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

In this regard, the organization collaborates with other groups with similar interests and goals. Due to its activism, it has gained successful victories in activism, mobilization, and visibility while increasing its relevance and capacity.

AWID’s primary goal is the reformation of policies, laws, societal beliefs, and people to promote women and girl rights.

AWID’s Themes and Programs

Among its various concerns are:

 Women rights: the organization lobbies policy makers and donors to increase their commitment towards the expansion of women’s rights and gender justice. It hopes to achieve these goals by engaging in activities such as collaboration in research, reduction of the gap between donors and activists, mobilization of resources, and SWOTs.

 Countering religious fundamentalism: AWID strives to oppose religious fundamentalism responsible for the discrimination of women and the girl child. In this pursuit, the organization embraces the mechanisms of advocacy, dialogue, and collaboration.

 Economic justice: the organization adopts policies and strategies that help determine the reason behind the failure of contemporary economic policies and models. It achieves this by enhancing the abilities of women advocates, advancing feminist rights, research, analysis, and documentation

 Defending women rights: AWID collaborates with global and regional institutions, governments, and other players to increase awareness of issues related to women rights.

Larkin & Lacey-Frontera Fund

With money obtained after court victory against Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey founded the Frontera Fund dedicated to the advancement of immigrants’ rights. The Fund specializes in supporting similar groups to promote awareness, immigrant, civil, and human rights. In addition to that, it strives to fight against the profiling of immigrants as subversive and undesirable elements in American society.

It’s vasrious activities seek to solve the problems that immigrant confront within the United States. Besides that, Frontera also engages in activities that improve human rights for all individuals. Its financial assistance is used to provide legal aid to immigrants and refugees as well as others.

In the recent past, the fund launched the Justice Immigrant & Families Project (JIF) to provide legal services to Maricopa County immigrants. As part of JIF’s operations, it pays legal fees for all cases handled by its pro bono lawyers.

In addition to that, JIF hosts workshops, consultations, distribute self-help legal guides as well as providing education on issues related to human rights. Armed with these tools, it has significant transformed the civil, human, and immigrant landscape of the United States.

Norman Pattiz Announces the Results of Lift Study Network Brand

The research results released by Podcast have revealed that there has been an increased awareness in products, their interpretation, and preference in their purchasing.

Norman Pattiz and Tom Webster individually hold the positions of Executive chairman at PodcastOne and strategical vice president of Edison Research respectively. The two released the results of many detailed studies on the advertising tests results using the five consumer brands that are national major in the various categories of services and products.

The advertising campaigns by advertisers from Podcast showed a commendable impact in the products and services being advertised. This ensured that customers recalled the products and how to message, as well as their intent to buy the product also increased. Learn more about Norman Pattiz: and

Three individual studies were conducted by Edison Research purposing to know PodcastOne’s efficiency in its advertising for the five brands that are national. Some of the brands were well recognized to the people but had new labels.

On the other hand, some had less familiarity. The advertising aimed at increasing the familiarity of the less known brands while making the new messaging on familiar brands known.

Several surveys were conducted before and after Podcast advertised the product. The results before and after the advertising indicated that the advertising was effective as people were willing to buy those brands.

Executive Chairman and founder of PodcastOne, Norman Pattiz explained that their main focus was to ensure that their advertising formats were way beyond those of other advertising bodies.

Tom Webster, founder and Executive chairman of Edison Research, on the other hand, revealed that he was pleased working with the five national brands and Podcast in determining the effectiveness of Podcast’s advertising.

More on Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz founded PodcastOne, and he is also its Executive chairman. He is also the founder of Westwood One which through his leadership is the largest entertainment, news, traffic programming, and sports provider in America.

He scaled these heights as he has a wide range of experience of over forty years in syndication of radio.

Courtside Entertainment Group had Norman as its founder who also launched it in 2010. Its aim was to distribute and produce excellent programming.

Norman Pattiz came to fill the vacuum in the industry of audio on-demand by the introduction of PodcastOne before the end of 2012. The company’s popularity raised significantly and is now leading in these fields especially in production and distribution.

Vintage Preferences With UKV PLC

United Kingdom Vintners is a wine consultancy firm based in the London UK. The company boasts a small team of knowledgeable and skilled wine consultants who rely on their wealth of knowledge to guide clients to make the best choices for fine wine. They also boast an access to the most diverse market for the best wine and Champaign, suited for every occasion as per each client’s desire. Customers are encouraged to contact them directly to obtain a clear understanding of what services could be made available to them and at what charges.

For a face to face meeting, clients are called upon to visit UKV PLC offices. For those who may consider it more convenient, it is possible to arrange a meeting at the most convenient place, and the company’s representatives would go to them. All these efforts are made in the realization that wine is a deeply passionate affair for most individuals and discussing matters as concern this commodity should be done in the most comfortable of environments, in the most preferred of places. Therefore, should one’s most preferred location be their home, a public place such as a favorite restaurant or even in a park, the company representative respect such preferences and dedicate their time to attend to the client’s needs.

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UKV PLC realizes that the wine market is experiencing unprecedented demand and growth, driven mainly by the emerging economies and the BRIC states. As the request for wine and tastes become more defined and exquisite, there arises a need for an entity that serves as a link between the wine suppliers and the wine enthusiasts. UKV PLC serves just this purpose, standing in the gap and serving as the perfect arbiter between the two parties. UKV PLC is an independent wine company, meaning that it is not affiliated to any single wine distiller and is therefore not tied or limited to a single supply chain. This means that clients are guaranteed to gain access to a diverse number of options for their wine and Champagne needs should they choose to engage the vintner for their services.

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