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Different Methods of Launching Agencies and How Brown Agency Was Launched

There are many different ways to launch an agency. While one of the common ways that people get a business started is by going through a long process of starting from scratch, there are other methods that involve buying out another business. Justin Brown has used this method to get his own agency going. The one method that he has chosen is buying out another company called Heyman Talent-South. He has taken the company and look through all of it. During this process, he has made some choices on what he wants to change and what is okay for him to keep. He then launched the company as The Brown Agency.

Justin Brown was the head of Wilheima Austin when the company acquired Heyman Talent-South. He has adjusted everything and has come up with plans that will not only give models a better chance to break into the industry but also give designers in the Austin area a greater chance at recognition. There are quite a few designers that are hoping to share their creative outfit ideas to the world. The Agency makes it easier for both designers and models to gain recognition and more opportunities for their success.

Justin Brown has stated that the merger between Hayman and Wiheima to form The Brown Agency was part of a growth strategy. Among the plans of moving forward included being a full service agency. The Brown Agency is headquartered in Austin, Texas with offices in Dallas. The Brown Agency has turned out to be a very innovative agency for models who needed a way to break into the industry. As of right now, there are plans to bring forth a theatrical division of The Brown Agency for people who have dreams of working in a production. The Brown Agency is an example of an innovative and helpful agency for aspiring models.

The Brown Agency has been featured on different media outlets including the news. They are bringing opportunities to people outside of the usual markets. This reduces the need for traveling for people who want to get serious with their career in the industry. Follow Brown Agency on Instagram.

Norman Pattiz Announces the Results of Lift Study Network Brand

The research results released by Podcast have revealed that there has been an increased awareness in products, their interpretation, and preference in their purchasing.

Norman Pattiz and Tom Webster individually hold the positions of Executive chairman at PodcastOne and strategical vice president of Edison Research respectively. The two released the results of many detailed studies on the advertising tests results using the five consumer brands that are national major in the various categories of services and products.

The advertising campaigns by advertisers from Podcast showed a commendable impact in the products and services being advertised. This ensured that customers recalled the products and how to message, as well as their intent to buy the product also increased. Learn more about Norman Pattiz: and

Three individual studies were conducted by Edison Research purposing to know PodcastOne’s efficiency in its advertising for the five brands that are national. Some of the brands were well recognized to the people but had new labels.

On the other hand, some had less familiarity. The advertising aimed at increasing the familiarity of the less known brands while making the new messaging on familiar brands known.

Several surveys were conducted before and after Podcast advertised the product. The results before and after the advertising indicated that the advertising was effective as people were willing to buy those brands.

Executive Chairman and founder of PodcastOne, Norman Pattiz explained that their main focus was to ensure that their advertising formats were way beyond those of other advertising bodies.

Tom Webster, founder and Executive chairman of Edison Research, on the other hand, revealed that he was pleased working with the five national brands and Podcast in determining the effectiveness of Podcast’s advertising.

More on Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz founded PodcastOne, and he is also its Executive chairman. He is also the founder of Westwood One which through his leadership is the largest entertainment, news, traffic programming, and sports provider in America.

He scaled these heights as he has a wide range of experience of over forty years in syndication of radio.

Courtside Entertainment Group had Norman as its founder who also launched it in 2010. Its aim was to distribute and produce excellent programming.

Norman Pattiz came to fill the vacuum in the industry of audio on-demand by the introduction of PodcastOne before the end of 2012. The company’s popularity raised significantly and is now leading in these fields especially in production and distribution.

The Roberto Santiago Solution to Shopping in Brazil

Roberto Santiago has been making some great moves in commercial real estate in Brazil. He has become this awesome developer that is really taking a serious look at what is happening is the real estate industry. Roberto Santiago has managed to help a lot of people that are interested in changing the landscape of the area. He has been able to create the Manaira Shopping Center, that is one of the most interesting parts of the commercial environment in all of Latin America.


The thing that has made it epic is the amount of shopping stores that are coupled with all the different entertainment venues has made people go crazy over this shopping center. It is such a treat for people that are interested in shopping and checking out a movie while they shop. There are also things like the amusement park that are also very impressive for Manaira Shopping Center. It is like people can get all that they need to get done in this environment. It doesn’t matter if they are shopping or eating. The Manaira mall that Roberto Santiago has created provides something for these consumers to enjoy.


Roberto Santiago knew that what he was doing when he created this type of mall environment. He wanted to make sure that he was getting people accustomed to a whole new type of environment where they would be able to do everything that they needed to do. Roberto Santiago has become known around Brazil for this innovative spirit that he has. The mall for Manaira is booming, and there are all types of leisure areas and food courts.


The movie theater even has 3D technology. That is why people are impressed with this shopping environment. This mall even has a concert hall that caters to as much as 8,000 people. There is also a conference area in place as well. This is a great sign of the lively environment of real estate in Brazil. There definitely is room for more of what Roberto Santiago has put in place. He has proven himself to be a very hard working entrepreneur that is willing to go above and beyond what people expect.


Santiago has become one of the most important forces in the real estate industry in Brazil. He has proven that people can benefit from an inclusive mall environment. More people are impressed with the mall because it is coming up on social media more. A lot of people are going to be traveling to Brazil because it is a tourist spot. Roberto knows that, and he is making an effort to improve the mall even more. He wants the Manaira Mall to continue be important to the Brazilian economy.


Improving Schools with Betsy DeVos

The school system that we currently have in action is failing the youth of low-income families and it must come to an abrupt stop. Schools in certain parts of the country are not doing anything to improve their standard of learning for inner-city children and leads to the glorifying of close-at-hand, short term means of making money, which for a strong percentage of these area are in means of crime. Since these schools have a guaranteed pool of consistent enrollment of students, it seems that they are just prolonging the abysmal quality of education that they provide. As well as with unions making it practically impossible to fire teachers who do not meet the standard of education, this also prolongs practices of low quality teaching. Visit the website U.S. Department of Education to know more.

Betsy DeVos has been put in the position where she can make some real changes for families of lower incomes to have access to high quality education for their children. She knows that most parents want adequate education for their children that can be found at private schools with the voucher system; the only current problem is that there are not enough private schools to enroll everybody. Majority of the distribution of vouch is done by lottery which is great for the few winners, but rather heartbreaking for the many who do not hear their names called out. With more private schools, the lottery system would be rendered obsolete due to that there will simply be enough space for enrollment for everybody.

With each passing year that these low quality, government-ally ran schools do not improve then that is another year of children seeing more value and reward in a life of crime in their community. Especially since all schools are a source of role models for children, when the school fails to provide proper standards that a child feels that they should follow and enforce, then they will just look elsewhere and what they find is not always far from home.

Betsy DeVos has seen first hand how the people in power have tried to limit the access to private school by implementing road blocks that hinder any substantial growth on a large scale for education reform. This matter use to primarily be a Republican side of the political aisle, but now has seen piqued interest into members of the Democratic Party. It will take a bipartisan consensus for any real changes to be made in the near future, but the way that these failing schools do nothing to improve any quality of the education they provide, then more representatives of these areas will join in the fight in improving schools for the lower income families and also lower the crime rate. Visit to know more about Betsy.

Vintage Preferences With UKV PLC

United Kingdom Vintners is a wine consultancy firm based in the London UK. The company boasts a small team of knowledgeable and skilled wine consultants who rely on their wealth of knowledge to guide clients to make the best choices for fine wine. They also boast an access to the most diverse market for the best wine and Champaign, suited for every occasion as per each client’s desire. Customers are encouraged to contact them directly to obtain a clear understanding of what services could be made available to them and at what charges.

For a face to face meeting, clients are called upon to visit UKV PLC offices. For those who may consider it more convenient, it is possible to arrange a meeting at the most convenient place, and the company’s representatives would go to them. All these efforts are made in the realization that wine is a deeply passionate affair for most individuals and discussing matters as concern this commodity should be done in the most comfortable of environments, in the most preferred of places. Therefore, should one’s most preferred location be their home, a public place such as a favorite restaurant or even in a park, the company representative respect such preferences and dedicate their time to attend to the client’s needs.

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UKV PLC realizes that the wine market is experiencing unprecedented demand and growth, driven mainly by the emerging economies and the BRIC states. As the request for wine and tastes become more defined and exquisite, there arises a need for an entity that serves as a link between the wine suppliers and the wine enthusiasts. UKV PLC serves just this purpose, standing in the gap and serving as the perfect arbiter between the two parties. UKV PLC is an independent wine company, meaning that it is not affiliated to any single wine distiller and is therefore not tied or limited to a single supply chain. This means that clients are guaranteed to gain access to a diverse number of options for their wine and Champagne needs should they choose to engage the vintner for their services.

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